About Qatar MOI Innovation Summit 2019

Held for the first time ever in Qatar, The Qatar MOI Innovation Summit 2019 provides a platform for leading local and international technology and solutions providers to meet the experts and decision makers from the Ministry of Interior, Police Forces, National Security Agencies, Regulatory Bodies, Forensic Agents, and other related agencies in Qatar, to present their latest breakthroughs in the field, and discuss their best offerings to support the security keeping efforts in Qatar.

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Summit Core Themes

Did you know?
  • Future foresights and anticipation development
  • Future of security and cybercrime
  • Emergency rescue technologies to reduce response times and increase survival rates
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning in fighting crime
  • Full stream focusing on intelligence analysis and collating
  • In depth discussion on intelligence-based decision making and technologies that assist with that entire stream on biometrics and identifying personalities
  • Crime prediction technologies and use of big data
  • Data privacy and protection obtaining evidence balance
  • Utilization of intelligent processing of information using e-discovery and artificial intelligence analysis
  • Use of mobile device for online transactions and to transmit personal information
  • Fresh analysis of remote forensics
  • Use of digital records for medicine, explosives, toxicology, surveillance
  • Threat intelligence for cyber forensics with best practice mechanisms from the international community


Top Reasons to Attend

  • Expand your network of contacts and potential clients in the regional
  • Generate new leads and build quality new business relationships 
  • Demonstrate your commitment to the Qatari market 
  • Interact with major industry leaders and engage key decision makers 
  • Showcase your new products and services
  • Increase the knowledge on police technologies and innovations


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